Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Family Tree

Christmas Tree 002

It is very similar to our tree last year. I think I like that tradition. It’s not decorated all perfect and won’t win any awards, but it’s special because we did it as a family. We make an evening of it unwrapping each ornament while listening to Christmas music (this year Ella Fitzgerald) and having cookies & hot cocoa with marshmallows!

The trees ornaments have been collected over the years either received as gifts or purchased. I have started a tradition with Reed and will with Luc as well when he gets a little older to pick out a couple new ornaments each year. The 2 previous ornament Christmas cards I sent out (2010 & 2011) adorn the tree and the pasta glittered snowflake ornaments I made last year have been added to this tree.

Still love the wooden “cranberry” garland I have had for years. The touch of red makes it so festive and I am seeing similar garlands out in stores again this year.

We did the metal buckets again, I really like how they look under the tree! This year, we did one for each boy for presents from Jeff & me. We re-evaluated our gift giving this year and what type of message we are sending about Christmas and the values we want to teach our boys and decided to seriously decrease the quantity and change the type of presents we are giving.

No fancy wrapping…just using up what I had for the kids’ presents this year.

Christmas Tree 009

I know, Luc’s bucket looks so empty, but it just is because of the shape of his presents…he is after all not quite 3 months old. :)
Christmas Tree 005

Here is my favorite ornament I added to our collection this year, it’s so nostalgic. :)
Christmas Tree 011

We used the glittered star I made last year and it just fit since these are 8ft ceilings. :)
more decorating and luminaras 029

I love the tree at night and the reflection in the window! :)
Jeff gifts 077

Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy this Christmas!

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