Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our favorite roast chicken

Our weather here has turned to fall for sure. The colors are beautiful against the bright blue skies and our evenings turn real chilly as soon as the sun begins to set. It's just this time of year when I begin piling cozy throws in a basket, flannel sheets are on the beds, fresh candles are burning and I make sure to turn on lamps in the foyer and dining room as the sun begins to set to give the front of our home a warm, welcoming glow. When the weather turns cold, I especially strive to make our home feel extra cozy and comforting.
At the first chill in the air, I am inspired to cook good old fashioned comfort foods like roasts and stews that really warm you through & through. You know, those Sunday suppers we grew up with as kids. I love how our kitchen smells of delicious food roasting in the oven when Jeff walks in the door after a long day.
This roast chicken recipe is one of those meals and it is one my family's very favorites. It is also worthy enough for company as it always goes over well and there is never any leftovers. It's one of the few meals I serve that the boys ask for seconds! I usually serve the chicken, crispy potatoes and roasted carrots all on one platter and put it in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves. It's so bountiful! Last night Reed said, "this is such a feast!".
Although the chicken is very moist and delicious, I think the crispy potatoes are the hit of the meal. Make way more potatoes and carrots than you think, there never seems to be enough!

Here is the recipe I start with and just make a few changes. I use a bit more butter and add chopped rosemary & thyme to the salt & cornstarch mixture. I also add cut up carrots to the roasting pan at the 2nd 30 minutes with a bit of olive oil if there are not many drippings (from the first half of roasting) and toss the carrots and potatoes together. You could really use any root vegetable(s) that you like. It's just my favorite way to eat carrots. :) Hope you enjoy!

What are your favorite cold weather comfort foods?

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