Monday, May 6, 2013

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kitchen {a hint on what we’ve been up to…}

I know it’s literally been a month since I was last here. When life gets crazy, it really gets crazy…is there any other way?

The last time I posted, we had just been asked that week by our landlord if we wanted to move out early since the Atlanta home market had really heated up (and they were itching to sell this house). I was sick about it. I just love our neighborhood, and even with the quirks of this house, it feels like home. And frankly I just wasn't in the mindset to leave or even think about packing up again still being in a fog with having a little one. Yes, it makes sense to buy now before the prices rise more, but I will tell you, my heart was not fully in it.

So, after I succumed to the pressure from the hubby to move, we did find a beautiful house in a town I just love {and where I practically live these days anyway…}. I know it will be great, it’s a home we can stay in forever (or until Luc is off to college and we can downsize to our little cottage we dream of in Buckhead). I really thought we were going to have to all out renovate any home we bought since we were looking at older homes, but this one has mostly been done to similar tastes of mine so mostly just tweaks and some improvements here and there will be needed. The best part about it is we do plan on being here a long, long time so I love the feeling of permanence I have when I think about this move. I so need that and really have always wanted that for the boys to grow up in. :)

Then to make things a bit crazier…I started having alot of health issues around the same time we started looking for a house, could it of been some stress-related? Undoubtedly. But, now that we have some resolution with those and most of the house stuff is behind us…all we have to do is move, things are looking a little more peaceful. It was just recently my birthday and I find every year that it always gives me a fresh perspective on another year older. So, now I am looking forward to a new start in our forever home.

BTW, the kitchen picture above is from he home we are buying, if you didn’t already guess that. :)

I hope you will bear with me as I sporadically pop in with updates, I hope to have some great posts lined up once we get settled.

I am off to start picking paint colors and dive into packing!

Have a great week.

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  1. Totally understandable, sometimes, life takes priority ;) Your future home looks lovely, there is no better feeling than knowing you will be in a place for a long time. Good luck with everything.