Friday, April 5, 2013

homekeeping series-Fridays

Homekeeping series-fridays

TGIF! Hope you had a great week. It was spring break and I want a redo! We had a bit of sickness, crummy weather and lots of stress! Thank goodness it feels good to work out a little stress by cleaning like crazy. Do you do that?

This is the last day of the my weekly homekeeping series-Fridays. I hope you have enjoyed the series and maybe found some helpful ideas to arranging your homekeeping schedule.

On Fridays it’s really all about the kitchen. Every evening, the dishes get done, the counters wiped and floor vacuumed (I am a messy cook & have children afterall) but once a week, I REALLY clean it. I move everything on the counters and give it all a thorough wipe down {using my Basic H all-purpose cleaner} including anything on the counters. I scrub the sink {with scour off} and clean the appliance fronts {with Basic H all-purpose} . Since the floor would of been vacuumed the night before, I just steam mop it to get it really clean.
Then I move onto our little laundry room off the kitchen. We use it as our laundry, mudroom and extra storage so it can get real messy real fast. But if I pick it up every week, it stays fairly presentable, which is good because the door is always open into the kitchen. I wipe down the appliances {with Basic H all-purpose} and vacuum and steam the floor. Every other week, I wash the rug in front of the washer & dryer.

Also on Fridays I wash the bedding. Every week I do the sheets, every other the blanket and every few months the decorative bedding like the duvet cover and pillow shams.

So, if every day my tasks are accomplished, the house really does stay together and I can focus on a more enjoyable weekend. That’s my incentive to stay on top of things. :)

Wishing you a great weekend!
Our weekend weather is supposed to be 70’s and sunny and into next week. I hope it’s here to stay. I moved to Atlanta for warm weather for goodness sakes.

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