Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pinterest kinda party

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.

I have been pinning on Pinterest for a good 9 months now and haven’t done a whole lot with referencing my pins. I have recently vowed to use an idea from my Pins at least once a week, otherwise what’s the point??? And with setting a up a new home, I have lots of things that I need to get ideas for. It’s been fun looking back at what I pinned, there are so many good ideas out there. :)

On Sunday we hosted a casual cookout for some new friends. Earlier in the week, I went on my food boards and found some new recipes to try. It was so easy to go to one place and be able to find some new fun ideas.

Here’s what I made from my Pins (http://pinterest.com/hgreenway/)

Peach Flip

Peach Flip (since we live in Georgia now and all…)

  Pickle Dip

Pickle Dip



We also made a veggie tray with garlic hummus and sliders with all the toppings and then had the guests bring the sides. It was a great evening to spend getting to know new friends.

Where do you get your party inspiration from?

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