Tuesday, January 29, 2013

making labels with picmonkey

So, I feel much more with it today to finish up this tutorial. Most of it I wrote on Friday before I got hurt {so it should make sense, ha ha} but I just couldn’t even focus on the computer screen yesterday to finish it up.

So, here is my tutorial for creating labels using picmonkey. It may seem like alot of steps, but it goes quick and couldn’t be easier. I wrote this tutorial assuming not everyone has ever used picmonkey so bear with me if you have some experience with it.  I played around a bit to figure out the best way to make these, so I hope you can benefit from my trial & error.

label tutorial

Open picmonkey.com and ‘create a collage’ {you don’t need to have any pictures imported}. A generic 3 cell collage comes up and just begin deleting 2 of the cells to create one, big, blank cell. Save file.
Luc and craft label pics 038

Luc and craft label pics 041

Luc and craft label pics 045

Reopen picmonkey.com, this time select ‘edit a photo’ at the top. Click on overlays and scroll down to labels.
Luc and craft label pics 046

Click on any label style you like. {if you just stay with the basic picmonkey, the “royale” images will not show up, for $4.95 a month I thought it was worth it} One tip, select a simpler design as you will need to cut out the label. Glad I thought of this before I created the labels. ha ha
Luc and craft label pics 048

Once you click on your shape, it will appear on your blank “photo”. Then you can manipulate the size, color and location on your page.
Luc and craft label pics 051

Luc and craft label pics 058 
For ‘color 1’ just click around until you find one that you want. For ‘color 2’, I just clicked the transparent box because I liked how the little bit of the paper I printed on showed through. Note, this option is only available on the royale ones and if you prefer a royale shape but want a solid label, you can just select the same color in 1 & 2 to create a solid label.

To resize, just grab onto a corner of the label box and drag to desired size. I played around with this so I could get two labels wide on my printed sheet.

Get your label exactly how and where you want it because now you can use the ‘duplicate overlay’ which will re-create as many labels from the first one as you can fit on your page. This feature is your best friend, because it saves you the time of having to recreate the same label over and over and over…
Luc and craft label pics 060

Move all the labels to where you want them. {this is where it took some trial & error. I needed 7 labels so I was hoping to have all on one page to save paper. I realized the labels are bigger than appear on screen so only 4 would fit per page. This will depend on what size label you are doing}.

Once you are satisfied with the page layout, then it’s time to add the text. Tip-the text does not stay on the label if you move it around, so make sure you are satisfied with the label position before adding text. :)
Luc and craft label pics 062

Now it’s time to add the text. Click on whatever style font you like and it will highlight in blue and then click ‘Add Text’. A text box will appear in the center of the page.Just click and drag to the first label. Once you have it over your label, you can change the color & size of the font. Jot down the color code and the text size so all your labels are uniform.
Luc and craft label pics 063

Luc and craft label pics 068  {note my color is FFFFFF which is white and I made it 72pt font size}

Keep selecting and adding your text like you did the first one and dragging it to the next label and so on and so on.
Luc and craft label pics 072
{these labels are all the same color, it’s just the picture of the screen}

Once you have text on all your labels, save your file and print out.
{I just printed mine from Windows Photo Gallery on a heavier ivory cardstock to give the label structure when hanging}.

Luc and craft label pics 074

Okay, so that’s all there is to it. Let me know if you have any questions, or a better way to do something. We can learn from each other.

I hope you give these a try. I’d love to see what you create! :)


  1. Heather, thanks so much, I am getting ready to make some labels using this method for my daughter's school valentines and also for a bridal shower coming up. I appreciate it,

    1. Ooh Heather, I had to come back and tell you that if you right click on your text it says Duplicate text, like Duplicate layer, so you don't have to redo the text for each one :0)

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial! It was so helpful. I just made labels for my new pantry organization project. I will be making many more labels thanks to your help!

  3. Found your tutorial through Pinterest, thank you so much for sharing this! I've just designed labels for my craftroom with your help! Will be following your blog from now on!