Monday, January 21, 2013

cute leftovers


Hi. How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good, both boys did not sleep great either night so we were a bit tired all weekend. But, sunshine all weekend sure helps. We had beautiful weather all weekend. Bright blue sunny skies and highs in the upper 50’s.

I made two loaves of vegan and gluten-free banana bread on Friday evening {all the baking I have done recently is from the babycakes cookbooks, she has never let me down}. I added vegan chocolate chips to one {scrumptious} they are both gone…sad. And what is even sadder is I just took more bananas out of the freezer {do you freeze bananas before they are about to go bad?} to make more…and then realized I didn’t have enough agave nectar to make more.  I never imagined that baking sans eggs, dairy and wheat could be so delicious.Think I  am a wee pit addicted???  You would never know they are different than the traditional baked goods. saved!

I snuck out for a few hours on Saturday to do some much needed errands {I am trying to be good about letting Luc nap in his bed and consequently get nothing done on days I bring Reed to school} and do some shopping alone. I picked up a few new items. :)

Yesterday we went to the park at 9am so we could get home in time to skype with my mom. Even though the high was close to 60 degrees yesterday, it was freezing at that time of morning. Everything was frosty and slick to play on so we decided to go on a nature walk instead. Jeff kept remarking what a gorgeous morning with crisp air and clear blue skies. I froze! I even had a down coat on but my pitiful self was still freezing at 38 degrees. At least it did warm up and by the end of the day we were out in the backyard doing bubbles while Jeff heated up the grill for dinner. :) We had chicken sausages and this kale salad. delicious.

So, how do you store your leftovers?

We have used glass containers for years and still do, but sometimes I need a bigger container or wished I didn’t have to transfer from the serving bowl to a storage container. Then I discovered, bowlovers…

How cute are these?



You get a set of six for about $15 plus shipping. You can Really cut down on your plastic wrap use with these and just throw in the wash when they get dirty. Check them out {here}, they have a few different versions like gingham, holiday, Christmas, salad, and these original ones. 

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