Monday, December 5, 2011

Cookies & Hot Cocoa

How was your weekend? Have your finished decorating & shopping for gifts?
I am pretty much done decorating, there are a couple spots that I feel need tweaking...that’s just how I am. Holiday cards are going in the mail tomorrow (I will be posting it VERY soon-I am excited to share it with you),  now I can work on some holiday crafts that I have “Pinned” and get ready for the Holidays we are hosting!
Sat night we decorated our family Christmas tree. It is a complete mish mash of ornaments we have received as gifts or have bought along the way. It’s fun to unwrap each one every year and get excited about how much we love that particular one or the special story attached to it. When we travel we always get an ornament as a souvenir so it’s neat to remember where we have been. This year I wanted to start a tradition for Reed to pick out an ornament each year and then we would write the year on it and be able to look back years from now. I am so bummed I didn’t think of it last year-he would of certainly been old enough to pick something out. Oh well…
Now that he is almost 2 1/2, I thought it would be fun to make it a tradition to have cookies & hot cocoa while we decorated the tree.

Christmas Decor 013Soft Urban
Here’s that big, round bread board again. You will probably be seeing a lot of it…I tell you I LOVE this thing! I am getting my $’s worth, right?
Christmas Decor 020softurban
Mini marshmallows…not sure if Reed liked the snickerdoodles or the marshmallows better Smile
Christmas Decor 034cosmo
Notice the cookie in his hand…there was no way he was putting that cookie down to decorate.

Also, here’s our mantel so far…this is one area I am still feeling needs a little somethin somethin. I went to light the candles for the picture and the wreath started smoking!!! YIKES. So, of course flameless candles would be great here, but my favorite source for great, inexpensive flameless candles (QVC ‘candle impressions’) are out of what I would need so I did order some tiny battery operated lights that I have used elsewhere to give me some glow. I am also working on draping something on the undermantel. I will show you what I come up with when it’s all completed.

Christmas Decor 065cosmo

I am sharing what I have so far so I can at least join the mantel parties that are going on this week! I guess I am a little slow on getting it decorated. Smile

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  1. A killer G you have there. I want one only in an M. Did you make it?

  2. i love qvc's flameless candles, i have a few sets in my home. the timers! are they not the best! and love your g-did you wrap that in garland, or did you buy that?

  3. Oh my, how scary to have that beautiful wreath on fire...yikes! I also have candles on my mantel, but after reading your story, I will be heading to my neighborhood Costco, and getting some battery operated candles that I keep putting down every time I go there. Your mantel looks lovely as is. Great job.

  4. Very pretty mantel! I'm a "G", too. Don't be surprised if you wake up one day and find that beautiful one missing! ;-)

  5. Love the start of your mantle! Lovely!

  6. Love the initial evergreen wreath. So pretty! Thanks for linking up.

  7. Love the "G" wreath! Did you make that? Very pretty!

  8. Love the start of your new family traditions. Decorating the Christmas trees while eating milk and cookies, it really doesn't get much better than that.

    My family also participates in the tradition of picking out a new ornament for the tree each year, my favorite part of decorating the tree each year is to remembering the story that goes a long with the ornaments from past years.

    Thanks for linking up to A Holiday Tradition this week.