Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wish I was here…

All White Bedding
First, a BIG THANK YOU to the Inspired Honey Bee for featuring our Christmas card in the Pinterest-a-thon #2! I am so touched and flattered to be chosen.

Second, I am ready for the New Year! I know, I know Christmas was just Monday but I have to say that I am one of those, that is all about it until the 26th and then it’s time to move on and focus on renewal and some calm. That’s probably why this year I am a little frazzled this week because I am not getting any of that “calm” thing…

I got a crazy hair up my ‘you know what’ Monday night and decided I needed to start taking down the holiday decorations. I was really crabby from a typical conversation I had with someone close to me so I channeled my crabby energy into something useful, I guess. We are going away for New Year’s for a few days and I dreaded the thought to coming home and having to worry about taking everything down. Now, it’s done and I can move on. It’s amazing that what took weeks to decorate can be taken down in a matter of several hours. So, now every surface is pretty bare until I figure out what I want to do. 

I am so restless right now…I am chomping at the bit to start on some long overdue projects yet in other ways I feel paralyzed on what I want to do. I am craving change big time right now because I feel unsettled.  I am just plain worn out from all the “festivities” and the to do’s, I guess. I just want to do nothing for a little while to settle the brain frenzy and to take some time to be inspired again because I can’t stay still for too long. :)
Don’t get me wrong, I just LOVE, LOVE the holidays, the entertaining and all the crafting, decorating, and cooking I sign myself up for, but I will tell you, by Christmas Eve I was mentally spent and I hate that! And the thought of having more still to do this week has just really taken a toll on me. I suppose you could say it’s self inflicted, but I so enjoy the many things I do around the holidays that I don’t know how not to get burned out.

I look forward to the days away to get a breather. I have a new book from the library, ‘A Thousand Gifts’ I am ready to dive into and some new digital magazine issues to read on my downtime when Reed is napping (no chores calling my name)or before bed, I can’t wait. I think this time will allow me to really focus my mind and make some goals for 2012. I do cherish this time of year-a new beginning!

Have you started thinking of what you want for 2012?

Focus on your health?
More quality family time?
New decorating projects?
A new hobby?

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the general areas I want, too! These are the type of topics that I will be blogging about in the New Year!

Wishing you a happy & healthy New Year!

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