Friday, April 27, 2012


I thought I would check in real fast and give you an update on things. We are officially moving next weekend and I couldn’t be more excited…

Things have been super busy as you can imagine and I only have so much energy with being 17 weeks pg.

Reed & I flew down to Atlanta a couple weeks ago to visit Daddy for a week and a half and house hunt. We found a house the very first day thanks to our fantastic realtor pre-screening homes so as to not waste our time.

We really got lucky with finding this house since it was never listed for rent. Our realtor is just great about putting it out there we were looking and she asked fellow realtors if their clients would consider that. Did I tell you we were renting down there? We don’t know the area all that well so we wanted to be sure we buy in just the right location for us since I would really prefer not to move again. I love the idea of the kids having memories of growing up in the same house. Since Reed is still so young, I have a good shot at that.  With the baby on the way, we are doing 2 years since only a year might just be crazy to have to worry about moving when the baby is just a few months old. And, who knows…maybe we will love this house that much that we will want to buy it.  The owner really decorated very much similar to my style. The kitchen is recently renovated with pale gray cabinets…something I have been “Pinning” for awhile now.

Here’s a picture of our new home:

Sibley Forest House

We just love the mature trees and the neighborhood is super charming and seemingly VERY social so I can’t wait to get settled in there. My realtor (who will soon be a near neighbor) has been forwarding me all the neighborhood activities and it couldn’t be more up my alley. Around the holidays they do front door decor and holiday luminaries for example. How fun, right?

Although it’s a rental, I am still super excited about some new decorating opportunities. I am going to try to use most of what I already have but try some furniture and accessories in different rooms. I was thinking the other night, it’s great to have a similar color scheme throughout the home so it’s easy to move stuff around.

I will be back soon.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It’s been a long time…and it might be for a while longer…

Hello-it’s been forever, I know. Things have been beyond crazy around here.

I have some BIG news that I can finally share with you. The same day I was contacted to come back to do design appts, Jeff was contacted about a fantastic opportunity for a job in Atlanta. We currently live in the Chicago suburbs so this would be a HUGE move for us.

So, my amazing husband went down to Atlanta and knocked their socks off and landed this great opportunity. It was always a great opportunity in itself, but without some serious relocation incentive it just wouldn’t make financial sense with the housing market as it is. We bought at the top of the market in 2006 so what our home is worth now isn’t pretty. After some long, long negotiating we are moving! But, clearly they wanted Jeff bad so it all worked out wonderfully. We are so stinkin excited. I have always wanted to move to the South but Jeff kept telling me we were never moving out of the area. We have built too great of a life here. Not that our move won’t be bittersweet, but we are so excited about the new lifestyle we will be creating for our family in Atlanta.

That brings me to the 2nd BIG news…

All in the same weekend as my offer to come back PT and Jeff’s new job prospect, we also found out we were expecting! Total surprise since we weren’t exactly “trying”, but we are beyond delighted nonetheless.  Such big decisions had to be made, do I go back to work PT? Do we still consider this Atlanta opportunity? etc Being pregnant really through us for a loop with our decision making…but in the end, the timing couldn’t be better if someone was crazy enough to move while pg. I have just entered my 2nd trimester and some energy is starting to come back so I have been able to get things done around here to get the house “market ready”. Even though we are having the house packed, I still want to go through the house and purge as much as I can so we don’t move stuff we don’t want/need. I have been trying to create a simpler lifestyle and that includes our home environment. Although I still put things aside for this infamous garage sale I keep talking about having someday. :) I am told it’s best to have baby/kid stuff in one to draw people in so I guess I will wait until baby 2 is a toddler and we are sure we are “done” to do it.

So, that’s what’s been going on with us lately.

I hope to continue this blog from our new home near Atlanta. I will have a new baby’s room to decorate at the very least!

It just will be crickets around here while we get ourselves moved and settled down there.