Sunday, November 3, 2013

handmade halloween

Hope y’all had a fun halloween and enjoyed the extra hour today!
I thought I would share a quick recap of our halloween with you. This year was definitely a handmade halloween. We started off the week making homemade ghost marshmallows.

Halloween 021
Reed and I made these cute, little pumpkin bags to fill with non-edible treats for his friends at school.  I picked up the muslin bags at Michaels, but created the rest with only things we had at home. Reed did the circle stamp on each bag {from his arts & crafts basket} and then I drew on the jack-o-lantern face & glued a small piece of green ribbon as the stem. He hand selected what each friend would receive. {We did halloween character bubbles, a “googly-eye” sticker and a pumpkin eraser since they are really focusing on writing in school this year}. I created the label using the trusty, ole picmonkey. Love that program!

Halloween 022

Halloween 026This year I created a “BOO” bag for Reed to trade in his trick or treat candy. The last two years, we just swaped out a few “safe” pieces of candy that he could eat due to his food allergies. But this year, I have really come down on what types of food goes into our bodies. I wanted to get rid of that type of candy altogether and give him a big incentive to be able to go out and have fun trick or treating with friends, but not to eat any of it and as his reward, get a really fun bag of treats {mostly non-edible}.
I showed it to him before we left, explained how it worked and it was a HUGE success. He had a blast trick or treating and when Jeff told him he had enough candy to “cash in”, he was ready to come home and see what surprises he had. I plan to adapt this idea as he gets older, but for now, it works great. I did include a few healthier food treats along with some stickers, a couple books, new character undies, and a character plane he has been working towards on his chore chart.  I will use this same principle with Luc, even without food allergies. It just suits our family values regarding the type of food we want to eat and that treats don’t have to be junk food.

Halloween 032 {fruit twists, Trader Joe’s lollipop and gummy fish all made spooky for the BOO bag}

Halloween 037
{while our marshmallows were cooling, Reed & I made these luminaries}

Halloween 046
This year, Reed wanted to be a dalmation, so this is what I came up with. I’ve made his costumes twice now and I so do enjoy making them.  I did get some black costume paint for his nose, but he wasn’t interested in that at all! But, he still got alot of rave reviews on his costume, though. Luc wore Reed’s Tigger costume from when he was a year old, which is just fine to utilize a hand me down when they are that age and don’t even care what they dress up as. :) 

nature walk and Luc invite 018

Reed picked out the faces for his & Luc’s pumpkin and “helped” Jeff carve them. We use flameless candles on a timer in the pumpkins so there are no worries and they can glow into the night.

This year, halloween seemed especially fun. :)

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