Wednesday, May 28, 2014

project | our screened porch

It's officially summer and it is my most favorite season of all. Lazy mornings, unhurried pace, extra time playing with the boys, warm summer nights, little family getaways, relaxing on the screened porch with hubby on a Sunday afternoon...{with or without a glass of chilled rose`}. heaven.

So can we talk screened porches? Charm, charm, charm. Love them. Always dreamed of having one. When we looked at our home for the first time, the screened porch, was at the very tippy top of my most favorite things about our home. After we moved in and I power washed it, we realized it was in sore need of some TLC. It wasn't terrible, we lived with it all last summer, but some good freshening up was definitely in order. So, first up, lots of painting. Need to pick colors for walls and floor. Ceiling is a light blue {very typical in the south} and in fine condition so that will stay {would love to make it beadboard at some point}and last year we had to replace our screen door and it still needs to be painted. So, out to my screened porch Pinterest board for some inspiration.
This project will have to be broken into two parts. Part 1-freshening up, Part 2-new furniture and finishing touches. We love our house, but by golly, it needs a lot and you have to prioritize. This year we had to spend some serious dollars that were otherwise slated for want-list projects on unexciting {and some unexpected}but necessary repairs. {actually, getting a new front lawn is exciting. I do have a weakness for a beautiful lawn and not holding my head in shame when I pull up to our home} Some may ask if we regret buying an older home and do we wish we bought a new home where nothing needs replaced. Not one teensy, weensy bit!!! For us, you can't beat the charm we have. :)
I have been looking at furniture to see what direction I wanted to go and frankly how much it was gonna cost if it was going to fit in the budget for this year. It's not. It's okay, it gives me more time to make sure what I want. I do know it's most definitely going to be mostly wicker. The epitome of southern porch furniture. I love a wingback. And except for our {freshly power washed} teak table, all the rest will go. We love our wicker rockers, but always wish we had a place to put our feet up when we are relaxing on the porch and they are falling apart. Hopefully they will last through the summer without anyone falling through the worn seat. The slipcovered chairs and folding chairs were always just stand-ins and not meant to be outside, really. We had them, so I used them to "fill in". I think the wood folding chairs are going to get painted a creamy white, though. They are not teak, nor pretend to be and look orange-y compared to the teak table.We will keep them for extra seating when the table is extended.
This is the color scheme we decided on. Grey-green floors and creamy white walls. The walls were already creamy white-but they still needed a fresh coat. The floor, was ick. Flat brown opaque stain that never looked good even freshly washed. Now the floors have a proper coat of porch enamel.
I like the light/medium brown wicker color with the paint colors too.

If I had to pull the trigger on furniture right now {and I almost did until I totalled it up}, it would be this chair and ottoman. Love the style, comfort and color. I'll take two of those, please.

A daybed or swinging porch bed would be amazing also, but without forgoing our table, I don't think we have the space for it all.  Curtains in the corners are also on the list. Mostly esthetic just to soften all the wood.

Paint current wood folding chairs white

When we swap out the folding chairs, I like metal with the teak

So, here is our porch at the moment, with freshly painted floors. It was a spontaneous thing-all furniture was out so i could power wash the whole filthy tree pollened thing and moving that table is no easy feat, so while it was out,  I just did it quickly one day during naptime and after bedtime. And I will tell you, I could paint floors all day long. Walls? dreading.
This past weekend we finally moved all the furniture back in so we could actually enjoy it. It's been great eating out there every night again.
So, that's my project I am working on right now. Getting it all fresh and new and then add all the fluff later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Preschool Graduation-a bit too much to handle

Whew, it was a hard day! In my heart, I didn't want to go. I didn't want to believe that Reed really is done with preschool and growing up. I want to freeze time and keep him four forever.  I am really having a hard time with this growing up thing and attending such a monumental occasion to confirm it just makes me come undone. I was keeping it pretty together, until they had a darn slide show with a sappy country song. I bawled! And then the graduation music when the kids enter in their caps & gowns...that does me in everytime.

So, to my sweet Reed-
First know you are amazing! You constantly have us in awe. I hope you always know that and remember it even when your days are tough.
We couldn't be more proud of you.
There is just something about our relationship my sweet boy. Is it because daddy & I tried and tried forever to have you or that you are our first born...whatever it is, we have a bond so deep that makes neither one of us quite ready to move to the next step. These years went way to fast. One minute you were 2 1/2 and now you are almost 5 and graduating Preschool. It was just the two of us for most of the 3+ years before Luc was born and I cherish the time we had just you & me. It was so hard when you went to preschool but you learned to love it and that made me feel happy to keep sending you when all I wanted to do is keep you for myself. I know this kindergarten thing is big stuff. That you are a bit unsure and nervous because it's a big change. But know we will get through it together and I know after you take it all in, you will love it and have so many opportunities to shine! But let's not think about anything except the wonderful summer we have ahead of us. We will make it a summer to remember. Love you, sweet boy! 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

{not the most in focus picture-but the best we could get with these monkeys}

This is what I celebrated on Sunday. These loves! Being their mom is the best and most important thing I will EVER do. 

I am painfully aware that their time as young children goes way too fast and I am fighting it the whole way. When Reed was a baby, it felt like we had all the time in the world. Now time is flying too fast so I am trying to soak up every minute of it. Sure we have those moments {or days} that I wish for trying times to be over...but I try to catch myself because good or bad, I don't ever want to wish the days away.

Every night when I check on them one last time before I turn in, I pause and look at those precious faces and thank the heavens that I was blessed with another day with them. I still get choked up every single night.

There are so many times I want to hold them or snuggle forever...while they still let me. :) Too often though, that time is interrupted by something that needs immediate tending to or my resisting to "start a bad habit" at bedtime. I don't know if this fierce of love is "normal", but it's just the only way I know how to love these boys. I am pretty sure they know they are sooooo loved and that's the ultimate goal for me. To love on these boys so much, that they always know my love for them and it takes them securely through life.