Saturday, December 29, 2012

Elevating Gift Presentation

I know Christmas is over, but I think this can give you ideas for any gift you give year round.

This year, I really wanted to elevate the details of gifts that we gave. Not just make the outside wrapping beautiful, but the inside presentation as well.  I think it just makes the gift feel all the more special and well thought out. Yes, it costs a teensy bit more, but I think it makes all the difference with how beautiful your gift is.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

We like to give updated pictures of the boys to some family members. The first year we started this, I gave frames with the picture in it and then just updated the picture every year. With Luc joining our family, I wanted to give another frame so the receiver would have two frames for the pictures they would receive every year.

After I had all the gifts figured out, I went to The Container Store and found these beautiful gray boxes, {LOVE}!
Presents tree and fizzies 002

I filled the base with the shredded wood shavings and folded beautiful tissue paper on top so the frame would sit on and under the tissue paper.
Presents tree and fizzies 003

Presents tree and fizzies 005

Presents tree and fizzies 007

Here is a gift of beauty from Shaklee’s Enfuselle line of skincare. I use it myself and have been extremely pleased with the results. My Mom asked for it for Christmas. I gave her the hydrating line since her skin is very dry in the winter. I also tied up some decadent {and yes, washcloths can be decadent} washcloths to use with her new skincare. This beautiful box is also from The Container Store, but only had white in this size. Gray would of been gorgeous. My mom even commented on how much she loved the box as she was opening it via skype. :) So, see presentation does get noticed!
Presents tree and fizzies 040

This is how I wrapped them up.
The giftwrap is just a beautiful paper. It has script and Angels on it and could be my favorite paper this year. I found it at The Container Store.
Presents tree and fizzies 024

The ribbon is from Michaels. I went back and bought all the rest of the spools at 70% off, because I love it so much and it’s not just for Holiday season!
Presents tree and fizzies 023
Just lovely…I think.

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  1. Gorgeous! I so believe presentation is a huge part of the gift and love beautifully wrapped & packaged gifts. Oh...and I LOVE the Container Store. I suppose it is a blessing that we don't have one close by.

    Found your blog via Pinterest (where all good things come!) and so glad I did!

    Happy New Year!