Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Holiday Decorating that is DONE!

I thought I would share how I decorated the sofa table in our living room. The room is mostly browns and rust and I have tried to bring in some red with brown and gold to give it more “festive” color. I just feel like something is missing if I don’t include red in my Holiday decorating throughout the house. The Christmas tree in our living room is missing the red since all my decorations have always just stayed with the brown, bronze, and gold décor on the tree.  I am trying a couple different ways to incorporate it in using what I have. We’ll see how it goes.
Everything I used is from my stash of holiday décor-I love “free” decorating. It really forces you to be more creative! My husband wonders why it takes me sooooo long to decorate. I try to do things a little different each year that I have gotten from inpiration. It takes me time to take stock of what I have and try things out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

This table was my Grandmother’s. She always had it covered in zillions of family photos-she had eight Grandkids and 10 Great-Grandkids to “show off”.

Holiday Vignettes 020
Holiday Vignettes 007
Holiday Vignettes 008

How is your Holiday decorating coming along? Do you try to use stuff you already have but in new ways?

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  1. oh my gosh, i love the jars and that pointed lantern! i use jars, too, but since my home is small i feel like i need to use small jars. great color scheme, too.

  2. I am a huge believer in using what I have. I did that this year as well. So pretty. Love all the jars of pretty!