Friday, December 23, 2011

A night to visit Santa

We went to visit Santa tonight. The hours for Santa this year just didn’t work with his afternoon nap, so we took Reed tonight at 5:30 since Jeff had the day off today. It was such an enjoyable family night for us. We are really making some great memories!

We parked then walked over to Starbucks(to take the chill off) and Reed got a apple juice box which is a REAL treat for him since his juice is otherwise extremely watered down. Reed decided to just climbed into one of the big comfy chairs to drink his juice box while we were waiting for our drinks. He is growing up so darn fast!!!

We walked a few blocks to wait for Santa. It was chilly tonight but he did so great waiting out in the cold for 35 minutes. He was just so pumped to tell Santa what he wanted this year. And, he actually did(you never know with a two year old). He was so grown up talking to Santa! He got his very first candy cane, too and he was darn excited about it!!! :)

Here is the big beautiful tree that is in the center of downtown next to where Santa is.
Reed Santa 057
Daddy & Reed braving the cold!
Reed Santa 059
    And the big boy sitting on Santa’s lap shmoozing him for what he would like for Christmas(since his parents waited until the night before Christmas Eve, it will be a “rush” order for the elves to make the two toys he asked for) including giving him a big hug!
Reed Santa 067 
Reed Santa 073
Reed Santa 074
Afterwards, he ate a little dinner in the car while we drove around to a few houses to look at lights all snuggled in his new snowman blanket he got for a Christmas present. He was so snuggly warm!

 Here is one of the houses we saw-quite spectacular! It’s one of those where the lights change to music!
Reed Santa 088

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!  

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