Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Favorite thing in the Kitchen

Favorite Kitchen 'Tool' 056
33 Shades of Green is having a Kitchen Faves Party where you share your favorite thing in the kitchen. Although I have discovered many ingredients & tools that make cooking & baking so enjoyable,  truly my favorite thing is our kitchen table! Not because I love the table so much, but because of what goes on there. Almost every night the three of us gather here for dinner. No tv allowed, maybe just some music in the background. Holiday music plays currently. This is where we share our days and engage with one another. Afterwards we do some activity as a family. These days we usually head right to the basement for Reed to burn some energy in the bounce house and then do something a little more mellow to wind down like playing choo choos, building with mega bloks or puzzles. This is such a special time of the day for us to all be together. We hope that Reed will continue to enjoy this time together as he gets older and our hope is to always share openly with one another!

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  1. How sweet Heather! I'm sure you are creating memories you will always remember around your kitchen table. I really like your Christmas center piece too! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to agree with you that the best place is where we can all sit, and go thru what we did for the day, and like you, I like to have some music in the background too, makes everything more relaxing. I am your newest follower!