Sunday, December 18, 2011

I interupt all the decorating, wrapping, baking…

to talk about staying healthy this time of year.

I know, not a typical post this time of year and maybe not as “fun” as getting ideas to for decorating and baking, but I hope it inspires you nonetheless.  :) If we feel sick & run down, how can you really enjoy yourself and create the memories with your families, especially this time of year?

I have ALWAYS loved my sleep and usually get to bed around 10. The past few weeks, though I have been up until midnight or 1am doing things I love to do (I think this is only possible because Reed is sleeping until 7:30/8ish and then just plays in his room until I get up, rough I know). It dawned on me the other day that last year I wouldn’t of been able to hold this kind of schedule day in and day out if I wasn’t healthy. I have so much more energy and don’t feel like I need a nap all the time. Feeling great makes all the difference!

Here are the ways I have found to stay healthy & feel great:

Take great vitamins (Shaklee’s Vitalizer)

Wash hands often and always before eating.

Drink lots of water(except for my morning coffee & occasional wine with hubby) it’s all I drink anymore. This was huge for me, being a coca-cola addict!

Get enough sleep (yes, I am staying up late currently, but at least still  getting 7-8 hours)

Eating clean food-nothing processed and getting more veggies (eating this way doesn’t necessarily mean low fat, but just eating real food that you know the ingredients and you can enjoy because it tastes great).
Working out 2-3 times a week (cardio & weights)

Eating breakfast (I never have been a breakfast person-but now I drink a protein shake I really enjoy with 15+ grams of protein to jump start my day)

Losing weight (so far 22 lbs and 3, almost 4 sizes) are you curious how I did it? LOL!

Make it a family affair. Everyone in this house lives employs healthy practices.

What things do you do to stay healthy & feel great?


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  1. What a good reminder and good advice! Congratulations to you on your weight loss! You and Jeff both look awesome! Happy New Year!