Tuesday, June 10, 2014

peach season | homemade peach cobbler

I love desserts, especially homemade.  I usually make a small dessert every weekend {for our "at home" datenight} so we aren't eating it for days and days. In the summer, I am inspired by the fruit that's in season. A couple weeks ago I made strawberry hand pies. So delicious. You can find the recipe from here. I think this is a great basic recipe to use for other fruit, too.

It's finally peach season here in Georgia! Oh, the taste of a perfectly ripe organic peach...heavenly. I always imagined having a peach tree if I lived in Georgia, but after doing some research, there are extensive challenges with growing them organically here. I am crushed. So for now, farmers markets and whole foods will have to do. 

This past weekend, I made a peach cobbler for the first time ever. I almost can't believe that, but I guess I've always just done crisps or pies using fruit.  Jeff raved about it and yesterday he said he looked forward to having some for dessert all day. He grew up eating amazing cobblers his Grandma used to make, so I knew this recipe was a keeper!

I think cobblers should be served warm out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, period.  But, if by chance there are any leftovers, reheat in the oven at 200 for 10 minutes. Here's a recipe for a very easy homemade vanilla ice cream I've been making for years. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

inspired to decorate | Reed's room

I don't know what it is about summer that makes me more inspired to decorate. Maybe it's because the days are more carefree with less things to busy my mind with. I am able to just "be". And that's exactly when my ideas start coming together and I was inspired to finally put together a design board for decorating Reed's room. I have had ideas floating around my head for months, but it really does give me a clearer vision once I put it all together.

Reed's is going to be five. So my feeling for the room is still to reflect his childhood sweetness and incorporate some of his interests,  yet have a color scheme that will grow with him for years to come.
I am going with cream walls and grey-ish/tan trim. I think I might have enough leftover hallway paint in BM's ballet white for the walls and thinking BM's bennington grey for the trim.
Reed's favorite color is blue {and starting to be mine, too}. The bedskirt and roman shades will be done in a deep blue cotton/linen, both will likely be trimmed in tan. His dresser is already painted blue, but I may need to deepen the color a bit to go with the fabrics better. I also happened to have an unfinished night table {my mom gave us} that I will paint the same color blue as the dresser. And we already have the bed. We had an extra guest bed that maybe was used once a year, so it made better sense to use it in Reed's room now that he had outgrown his toddler bed. I think we got him settled in his new bed in late January and he has been loving it {and frankly at the end of the day when we curl up in it together to read, I love it too}. We also already have the blue ticking duvet & shams and transportation sheets that Reed picked out. It is the bit of color that snuck into the room. :) I thought about dark blue euro shams also, but foresee them just ending up on the floor. For right now, I am going to keep the bed as streamlined as possible.  We also have a tall bookcase that we aren't really using, but I am really feeling a wider, shorter bookcase is better for this space. I would like it in a medium dark stained wood.
So, we've done a little bit, but now it's time to put it all together. The biggest delay has been deciding whether I am going to make the bedskirt and roman shades. Now that I finally found a fabric, I frankly need to price it out and that will be the deciding factor and then I can move forward. I don't want to start painting the room until those are ready otherwise he won't have any window treatments since I plan to remove the woven shades that there now and spackle the holes. My goal is to have everything ready to be installed, move him into the guest room for a weekend, paint the walls and trim and then put it all together and move him back in to enjoy. I would love to get this done in July because we start school early August down here and things are just too busy at the beginning of school year and the next thing you know, it's the holidays...etc.