Friday, October 19, 2012

10 years ago

we tied the knot! It’s amazing that I could love this man more today than I did 10 years ago, but it’s true! We have grown so much together and complement each other strengths and weakness better than ever.

This year there will be no weekend away like in years past (which I will sorely miss)…we plan to celebrate it formally maybe in the next month or so. We were tempted to go out tonight…but two tired parents does an enjoyable anniversary celebration not make.

Today, we are just keeping it low key and I am making an amazing beef stew for dinner! And I am sure we will have a little red wine, too with dinner and maybe a little conversation before I head to bed to get a head start on sleep and Jeff takes the late evening feeding. Pretty romantic, huh? But romance is what got us this precious newborn, right? LOL!

Here is the beef stew recipe again (the picture doesn’t do it justice). I first posted about it {here}.

Beef Stew
Have a great weekend!

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