Thursday, October 18, 2012


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Could it be because it’s fall and getting a bit chilly or because I just had a baby…or both, but I am in serious “nesting” mode. Despite being a bit weary some days from lack of sleep, I still have a strong desire to be cooking, baking and making a cozy home for my family!

The above picture is one of the few fall decorations I had a chance to put out before Luc was born. Just some simple dried corn and gourds in one of my favorite bowls on our family room console table. I love using natural decor for this season, especially!

Today is my first day completely alone with 2 kids! :) Not that I was terribly worried. I have been so lucky to have so much help since Luc was born. Now that family is gone, Jeff has every Friday & Monday off for a few more weeks and our sitter has been coming on the other mornings so I could sneak in a nap or run an errand or two without bringing a newborn out in public. I decided to be reasonable and only have her come 2 of those 3 days from now on… ha ha

Luc is sleeping, Reed is watching Ice Age, one load of laundry in washer and one in the dryer and I have had a few minutes for some “me” time to log on and read some blogs & look at Pinterest. I know this is not a typical day of life with a newborn & 3 yr old…so I am so thankful today I can ease into it and have an easy going day since I am moving a little slower today.

I have been so desperate for some caffeine some days that I decided I would just “pump & dump” like I would if I had alcohol. I know you can have some caffeine when breastfeeding…but our sweet Luc has had some reflux issues so I have been eliminating any triggers in my diet that would worsen his symptoms. I have eliminated caffeine, dairy and soy on a regular basis unless I am prepared to dump my milk. In a couple months I can try introducing one thing back at a time and see if it affects him. Poor sweet baby. But he is much, much better than he was when we first brought him home.

Other than the rough homecoming with Luc being in terrible pain from the reflux, I think we have managed quite well. Jeff and I have a good routine/schedule down and it helps sooooooooo much for Jeff to be able to give him a bottle a couple times a day so I can get more sleep or not be “tied” to the feeding schedule.  He was such a great eater from day one that the Pediatrician was totally fine with us giving him a bottle to see how much milk he really was consuming to help with his reflux. Thankfully, he is so adaptable, that he goes back and forth with ease.

So, all in all things are going really well. I have recovered from the c-section quickly and am back to taking care of my family as I so greatly enjoy!

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