Friday, January 25, 2013

using a decanter for everyday purposes

I love making ordinary things beautiful. Life is too short for ugly things! :)

Why not decant your mouthwash to display on your bathroom counter?

Decant Mouthwash LB
I found this decanter at Home Goods {so it doesn’t have to be expensive} about six years ago and have been decanting ever since. You can buy the ginormous bottle of mouthwash from Costco and then just fill a pretty decanter as needed. I think it’s lovely and it’s the little things that we do around our home that makes it feel special, don’t you think?

Misc blog pics 033

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments about my “cute, cute labels”. I will post a full tutorial on Monday so you can make some for yourselves!

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I found this post while researching professional yet pretty ways to display guest toiletries. I work in a high end law firm and we like to have these items available should guests need something, but it always comes off tacky. Do you have any suggestions on set up that would make all items look uniform (hair spray, body lotion, tissues)?