Wednesday, January 9, 2013

organizing ribbons & wrap

I don’t know about you…but I love collecting pretty ribbons and wrapping paper throughout the year as I see them {much to my husband's dismay}. As I was putting it all away this year, I just couldn’t stand how disorganized it was! Ribbons were in two different boxes. The wrapping paper was all in one container, but had some rolls that had such little left or was terribly wrinkled, it didn’t make sense to keep it. And I may have just picked up a few more rolls when I was at The Container Store before Christmas to add the collection.

Holiday wrap organization collage

I started by sorting & discarding all the "useless” wrapping paper and added the new rolls I purchased. I have stored my wrapping paper in long, ‘under the bed’ storage containers that have a lid for years. It works great. Then I went through all my tissue paper & gift bags and kept only what was in pristine condition. I put them in a big paper shopping bag you get during holiday season. Next up was the ribbons. I purged through those too and kept only the ones that were nice. For a ribbon spool that is open, I re-roll it and then tape the end so it stays together. I put them in shoe boxes to keep them organized and then put those in one big box labeled ribbons so I never have to guess where they are. In this house, we store all the holiday wrap in the attic so, the wrapping paper container, ribbon box and tissue bag all went into one large box so all we have to do is pull out one box next year.

Non holiday wrap organization collage I was so pleased with how the holiday wrap was organized, I thought it was time to refresh the non-holiday wrap too! This had been done just a few years ago, so it wasn’t too bad, just needed a little clean out. I decided to keep all the tape & cutters in this container instead of having them in both holiday & non-holiday containers. I discovered I have 7 scotch tapes…see this is why it’s important to stay organized?! You buy not knowing what you already have…This container is actually stored under our guest bed in my craft room so I can access it easily throughout the year.

Yeah, I feel so good when I get things organized!

What does your wrapping paper situation look like? Hope you find some of these ideas helpful with organizing your own wrapping paper & ribbons. :)

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