Wednesday, May 15, 2013

take control of your health

When another year rolls around {as in a year older}, I find myself striving for ways to age gracefully and want to continually improve my health. Not to mention after going through  a long period of time where I was dealing with several medical issues, I find I am drawn to detoxify to get off to a fresh start with my body & health.

So, here are a couple new books I got for my birthday that I am loving.

books I am reading
I just love Gwyneth’s previous cookbooks, so when I saw that she had this one out which is all about recipes dedicated to an elimination or vegan diet {as you can see I have a couple pages tagged for this week’s recipes}. Right where I want to be right now and of course Martha’s new book on living the good, long life.

Once we get settled after the move, my next project is finding a naturopathic doctor for our family. Our general practitioner we had in IL was a gem because even though he practiced traditional western medicine, his heart was in alternative, natural medicine so he treated his patients from both directions. Most doctors just want to treat symptoms with drugs, not get to the root cause. That’s not the lifestyle Jeff and I want for ourselves or the boys. There is a time and place for traditional medicine, but it’s not always the best course of treatment for some issues. I like that we now have choices to take control of our health and research other options, not just do what the doctor says as if they are the end all, be all. It’s great for a control-freak like myself, ha ha.

Here’s to healthy living. Have a great day!

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