Wednesday, March 20, 2013

homekeeping series – Wednesdays

Wednesdays are my favorite days lately. No school or activities to have to get to so the boys and I have a little bit of a leisurely morning. The older I get, the more slower paced life I crave!
I am fortunate to have found a wonderful sitter that comes every Wednesday morning. I use this “free time” to schedule appointments, have some ‘me’ time, spend time with Reed just the two of us or work on getting an extra project done while she is here for the 4 hours. It has been working out great!
Later in the day, after the boys are down for their naps, I use the hour and a half to do an extra homekeeping task. These are tasks that aren’t needed to be done as often as regular cleaning, but do need to fit into a rotation whether it be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.  I don’t know about you, but with two small children, I just don’t have a large window of extra time to do a full-fledged spring cleaning blitz so it’s easier for me to break it up throughout the year. This week it’s vacuum the upholstery and underneath the cushions. This is a more time consuming job but when I have some quicker tasks, I schedule two or three on the same day. I created a gmail calendar strictly for ‘homekeeping’ to schedule all my regular & extra tasks and have these added in as recurring at the appropriate schedule.  It’s hard to forget about something when your calendar reminds you…and I feel like I need all the reminding I can get lately. Do you feel that way too? 
While I am doing the extras, I throw in the bath towel laundry.
I also do meal planning on Wednesday nights after the boys are in bed so I can stop at the grocery store Thursday morning after I drop Reed off at school. I used to grocery shop to stock up for the weekend after sports class on Fridays, but it was becoming too hectic…I couldn’t concentrate as much with watching Reed while he tagged along while I pushed the cart, by the time we got home, both boys were starving for lunch, I had to put at least the cold groceries away and I was exhausted and cranky by this point…there had to be a better way. :) It works sooooo much better now! I encourage you to look at what works and what doesn’t with your schedule and see if you can’t find a solution to make it better.
I have been really happy with how this schedule is working out for me so far. As times change, I am sure it will change too, but the same foundation of having certain tasks on certain days will always remain.
Have you tried making your homekeeping schedule?

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