Thursday, March 14, 2013

quite possibly the most important book{s} you can read…

health books 005

“what you eat the first quarter of life has a close link to adult cancers and other diseases”

when I read that quote, it really emphasized that giving our kids great nutrition is imperative…and then I realized oh boy, I might be in trouble {my diet up until 37 yrs old, was terrible…} but at least I can get the boys off to a healthy start and for myself & Jeff,  continue to eat healthier going forward.
I have spoken about how we strive to eat a healthy, unprocessed diet but I know that we can still do better…I am looking to this book for more information to safeguarding our boys’ health as much as possible

and ‘Eat to Live’' and ‘Super Immunity’ for all of our health.

health books 010 .
I will admit when I am sleep deprived and worn down, I just don’t make as good of choices as I should. I have really been craving baked goods, so these books are the pep-talk boost I need right now to get myself back on track. I know I will feel so much better.

Here’s to a weekend full of healthy food!

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