Thursday, March 28, 2013

bunny cupcakes & homekeeping series-Thursdays

Hi there. Hope your week has been going good. I spent the last couple days doing assembly line bunny cupcake creating for the Easter party at school today. They turned out pretty cute, but something seems off to me…but I get an ‘A’ for effort. Have you ever had something be way cuter in your head than what it turned out as? Well, that was the case with these. Especially when I spent so much time on them. I made two different cookies (one allergy free, one regular sugar cookie), two different cupcakes (one allergy free, one regular vanilla cupcake), icing for cookies and icing for the cupcakes and then all the decorating and creating the grass ‘cups’ with fluffy cottontail.

edited bunny cupckes

So, needless to say it’s been that type of week where the homekeeping schedule has been brushed aside a bit to get these done.

However, I am here to share with you my homekeeping Thursdays.

homekeeping thursdays

Grocery Shop-
After I drop Reed off at school, I get all the grocery shopping done and put away with just Luc. Soooo much easier than with two kids in tow. :)
Every week I clean the counters, mirrors and the toilets and then alternate cleaning the tubs & shower with washing the floors.  I also give the towel bar & TP holders a wipe for any dust. Do you do that?  Maybe I am just weird like that???
I use Shaklee’s Basic G (germicide) concentrate on the counters and toilet and the Basic H Window & Mirror concentrate on the mirror, obviously… I like to add a few drops of essential oil to the germicide to give it a pretty scent (I have been using lavender but am really liking the rose hip lately). When I do the tubs & shower, I use Shaklee’s scour off scrub and it cleans everything beautifully! I still use my Haan floor steamer/sanitizer to wash the floors. I love knowing the floors are really clean and it dries almost instantly.
Again, all my cleaners are non-toxic & effective because I do like to make quick work of cleaning. Life is too short to spend forever cleaning your house. :)
Every other week I wash the bathroom rugs, too.
My laundry-
I get all my laundry done on Thursdays. I do one load of white/lights and one of dark. Since I do it every week, I really don’t have too much so I often grab some of Jeff’s to make a full load. Have I mentioned he normally takes care of his own laundry? He’s such a great hubby!!!
I air dry most of my clothes because I want to keep them looking good for as long as I can and because it’s an eco thing to do. :) We have two large drying racks and clothes are often hanging to dry in the hall bath, too. :) This is one of the reasons I chose Thursday and not Friday to do my laundry. It gives everything plenty of time to dry so I can put it away before Jeff does his laundry on Sundays and needs the drying racks for his clothes.

So, there you have what I do on Thursdays…next Friday is the last homekeeping day of the week!

Wishing you a Happy Easter weekend! What are your plans?

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