Saturday, December 15, 2012

Embellished gift tags

Jeff gifts 047
Hope you are having a great week getting ready for the Holidays! This week flew by and I feel like I didn’t even do that much!  HA! I had five tasks on my list Thursday and this was the only one I accomplished…making gift tags to attach to gifts Jeff was giving at work.
I love adding greens to gifts and when I saw we had holly bushes with a few red berries and another bush (I am not sure what it is since I am new around here…)with red berries I knew what I would be adding to my gifts this year.

I love the red & green, it just says ‘Holidays’ to me and it really stands out against the cream gift tags.

I had all the supplies on hand, too so it made this little project even better!
I used some basic cream gift tags, greens, stamps, gold stamp pad and red and natural twine I found at Ikea back in the fall when their holiday merchandise came out.

Jeff gifts 031 
Each one is a bit different since it’s nature and all…

Jeff gifts 045

Jeff gifts 055

Jeff gifts 056

Stamp your gift tag first if you are adding anything to the back. I learned the hard way…ha ha (You are probably saying, well, yeah, duh of course you would, but my brain doesn’t work like that, I just dive in) Then use some hot glue to attach the greens to the tag. I also learned that just a dot of hot glue is your best friend when you are tying twine around a cylindrical container.  I added one in the back and again in the front to hold the knot for the bow.

BTW, the gift is Garrett’s popcorn from Chicago. Have you heard of it? It is no popcorn tin you get at the drugstore! Unless you are from Chicago or visited Michigan Ave and wondered why in the world are people wrapped around the corner waiting in line for popcorn??? you may not realize how incredible this stuff is. We chose to give a mix of their caramel corn and cheese corn. They do mail-order, and it even still melts into your mouth. If you are ever in Chicago, please go to one of their locations and get it hot! The first time Jeff ever had it was on a winter evening right before Christmas and getting hot, melty cheese corn on a cold night, he was 

As I write this, a french stew (daube provencal) is simmering on the stove to be served over garlic mashed potatoes. I hope it’s as delicious and comforting as it smells. I am feeling a little under the weather today so I am hoping it will just hit the spot!

If it’s a keeper, I will post the recipe!

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  1. I am getting ready to make tags, and this is such a cute idea! I even have a holly bush in our yard I could use. Saw you at Project Inspire. ~Erin