Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday card photo shoots

Happy Friday!
Have you done your Holiday cards yet? I didn’t even attempt to make mine this year with just having a baby two months ago. I really enjoy coming up with new ideas every year and was kinda bummed about not doing them this year, but I need to be realistic with the time I have right now.  I shared 2009 & 2010, {here} and 2011, {here}. I want our Holiday cards to be special nonetheless and I found a card that I hope our recipients will enjoy. Of course, it involves multiple pictures…so I did two Holiday Card photo shoots with the boys in efforts to get 4, yes 4 good pictures. I know, most Moms with young children are just hoping for one decent picture. I always try to push the envelope…I can’t help myself, ha ha
I chose this year’s Holiday card from Pear Tree Greetings. Have you seen them? I have never ordered from them before so I am hoping they turn out great! I used Minted for our moving and Luc’s birth announcements and was very happy with the quality but just was looking for a card that was something different.
Here are some pictures from the photo shoots that were NOT part of our Holiday card. Seeing these again makes me realize I did get some pretty good shots of the boys separate, but it was super challenging with them both good together.

So, here are my cutie pies…I could just eat them up!
Reed Holiday card 051
Reed Holiday card 056
Reed Holiday card 065
Reed Holiday card 068
Reed Holiday card 104
This was not part of the original plan, but I indulged him taking pictures with “his animals”-it’s his pose that cracks me up. I did not coach him one bit, it’s all his doing. I am going to get one of these printed up and put it in his room since he so loves those stuffed animals! He will LOVE it!!!
Reed Holiday card 127
Again, another self-pose on Reed’s part. I love it!

And here is Luc. He was 7 weeks old when I took these pictures and I couldn’t get over how much smiling & laughing he was doing. I just kept snapping away…

Luc Holiday Pic 019
Luc Holiday Pic 020
Luc Holiday Pic 038 
  Luc Holiday Pic 090
Luc Holiday Pic 119
Luc Holiday Pic 123

Have a great weekend!

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