Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Cards in the making

So,  I started my annual Holiday card making…I have been creating them the last several years on my own. I really enjoy coming up with new ideas every year. Yet, each November I start wondering how could I possibly be inspired for another card idea and just when time starts to run out…something just comes to me. This year is no exception. I had an idea for months and months and then realized without having a certain camera lens, I just couldn’t make it happen the way I was invisioning it. Maybe next year… But, I think I like my new idea even better. And what has me even more excited is that my "idea" actually came to fruition! When it involves a toddler posing just a certain way, you never know what you will get. I did bribe him a little though…I told him if he posed and smiled good for the camera he could have french fries (really they are baked potato wedges with Wildtree’s Rancher seasoning-but they are yummy nonetheless)with his lunch. He was VERY excited!!! Maybe that’s what did it, or he just likes to pose-but I took 10 shots right before lunch(I am a crazy Mom, I know) and I had 2 that turned out really good. I can’t even believe my luck!!! I am a little delirious about it actually turning out. Now, I am playing around with the logistics of the card. 

I will share it with you once it’s sent out. Smile

Here are the last two years’ cards

Christmas Crafts 005

Christmas Card 003

Can you tell I like glitter? Hmm, do I need to add glitter to this year’s card???? he he

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