Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EASY Holiday Art

Grumble…do you ever have those days where you just feel like your creative mind is blocked? I just can’t think today. Maybe because I have been taxing it too much the last couple weeks, but I am at a  standstill with Christmas decorating. I think frankly I decorate too much and have TOO MUCH STUFF, but this is one area where I just can’t help myself. 

So, to feel like I at least accomplished something, I threw together and I mean “threw” in like 10-15 minutes including taking the pictures, some Holiday Art. Remember those botanical pictures I did for my powder room? Well, with all the red I am bringing in, the spring/summer-ness of them looked ‘not good’. I am no scrapbook-er…but I am a sucker for pretty papers and can always find something to use them for. I had some sheets that I loved, but the pattern was too big for the projects I had initially bought the pads of paper for. So, I thought, “let’s just frame them”. Not original I know, but I still like the look nonetheless. 

To do the original botanical art, I had new mats cut to accommodate the larger prints. I saved the original ones that came with the Ikea Ribba frame-I just knew I would need them sometime.

Powder Room Christmas Pics 022.JPG

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