Friday, September 9, 2011

Pictures for the powder room…finally

We have lived in this home for over five years and I had yet to find art of some type of decoration for the powder room. A few years ago we put in wainscot five feet high so that limited me even more. I just wasn’t finding anything inspiring to hang in there. While being on Emily A. Clark’s blog a while back, she did a post about using botanicals as art out of a book you could purchase on Amazon. You can read more about that post HERE.  I was so excited because I had always read that people would find great old botanical books at flea markets but I never had such luck. Needless to say, I hopped right on to Amazon and ordered the book. I found so many great illustrations-it was hard to narrow it down to three of them(they might just be showing up in more than just my powder room). I picked up some RIBBA frames in satin nickel from Ikea. Their mats were 8x10 and I needed a larger, irregular sized opening for the illustrations, so I took the frames and the pictures to Hobby Lobby and had new mats cut for just $3.95 each. 
To make them more special, I covered the mats in fabric. I actually found 18x21 quilter’s fabric squares at JoAnn’s or you can just buy whatever yardage you need.
Here is how they look all finished. I think the fabric just adds so much to the finished picture don’t you think?
Pdrm pics

Here are the steps I used:
Lay down the mat on the fabric and mark with a pencil & ruler an inch and a half wider than the mat itself on both the inside and outside. I drew a line between the marks because I can’t cut a straight line to save my life! Smile
Fabric Mat 1Fabric Mat 2
After you cut out the fabric, just start wrapping it over the mat like you would a present. I used scotch tape to hold secure the fabric in place since the glue was not holding fast enough. I have read that spray adhesive also works, too. To wrap the inside fabric onto the mat, you need to first cut a miter on the 4 inside corners (sorry, I thought I had taken a picture of that step). Continue wrapping all sides and put in frame, then your picture, frame back, hang and viola!
Fabric Mat 4Fabric Mat 5

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  1. Oh, I love your idea! I'm absolutely bonkers for botanical pictures, but everywhere I see them being sold, they are way to pricey, and I have been meaning to do something like this! Thank you for the inspiration, can't wait to go and grab a botanical book!