Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gallery Wall

Hi-it is sooooooooo disgusting out today! When I left the house it was about 50 degrees and 2 hours later it dropped to upper 30’s, windy and rainy. Brrrrr…when we got home, Reed ran into the house and climbed up on a chair in the family room to snuggle in the down throw(this kid is a human furnace like his dad-so if he’s cold…).
Remember I showed you the yarn letter I made, HERE. Well, it is part of a gallery wall I have been wanting to do FOREVER….
Here it is, I am pretty pleased, not to say I won’t tweak it…that’s just what I do, but for my first attempt, I am happy. I am always my hardest critic. Smile

blog pics 050
Please ignore the paint mis-match spot….ugh(so much for computerized paint matching-don’t get me started)!!!

Shaklee Hand on Grass

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