Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 31 Finale: easy green

Thanks for joining me the last 31 days....

I hope you have enjoyed these 31 posts about Green Living and are inspired to implement some into your day to day life. I am sooooo passionate about  making choices to live greener and my hope for all of you is to live safer, healthier and be mindful of our environment too. :) 

I would love to hear what changes you have made so far or what you hope to do in the future!

For the Finale...just a few more EASY tips that can make a BIG difference.

Bring Your Own

 mug or thermos to your favorite coffee spot

Lose Your Shoes

Wiping your feet on a doormat before you step inside is good, but removing your shoes all together is even better. Studies show that we bring dangerous pesticides and chemicals into our homes on our feet.  Taking off your shoes is one of the simplest and most important things anyone can do.

Focus on the Details

Redecorate sustainably. Replacing accessories can make as big a visual impact as new furniture.

All of us are trying to make positive changes in our lives, whether it is creating a cleaner, safer home for our families, getting healthier, losing weight, and/or staying as youthful and vibrant as we can!  Shaklee provides a HEALTHIER LIFE for everyone and a BETTER LIFE for anyone! 

I would love to speak with you on how Shaklee's products can make a difference in your life!
Email Me: greenwaylifeandhome@gmail.com

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  1. Heather, I followed your series and you did an AMAZING job! I love the feel of your blog and your dedication to your craft! Keep up the good work:)