Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My favorite mail day!!!!

Last night Jeff tossed the mail on the table when he got home from work as I was preparing dinner and I couldn't almost contain myself when I saw the new Pottery Barn Holiday catalog peaking out of the stack. I get so stupid excited when the season's new issue comes out, especially the holiday one. I took a couple quick peaks before dinner and as soon as Reed was in bed, I made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my down throw, the PB catalog and cozied up in a chair to pour over every detail and dog ear pages that I wanted to go back to. I can't be the only one this crazy for this darn store, right????  I love to shop there and  I try to get as much as I can on sale or use a MyPoints giftcard or PB rewards, but these days, I am really finding I get soooo much inspiration to create something similar from them. I guess I am in a MAJOR crafting mode these days! Maybe this past year of living more frugally has changed me to be more creative.
As much as I love looking at the catalog and online images, to me nothing beats going to the store-I think you get so much more from seeing their product and displays in person.
Reed's nose has still been runny (not sure if it's a cold or allergies) so I thought I should keep him out of the childcare center where I work out one more day just to make sure he isn't sick (oh darn, wink wink).
It was a beautiful fall day so why not head over to the Commons where the local PB is and walk around and get some much needed exercise since I was ditching the gym and check out all the new stuff in person.  So, this morning we got ourselves ready, drove through Starbucks for an Eggnogg Latte and an apple juice box for a treat to start us off this morning.  Ohhhhh we had so much fun; I got so many ideas and added so many things to my 'wish list'. Thankfully, Reed is VERY well behaved 99% of the time and loves to "shop" so it makes it an enjoyable experience to take him shopping. I think it helps that I involve him with seeing stuff in the store. It's exciting for him too.

This was his favorite:
He wanted to look at each of them as if they were different. It was too cute. 

Enough with my rambling, are some of my favorites:

This was my find today! I have loved this round bread board since I first saw it this fall, and I was finally leaning toward just getting it and much to my surprise, it was ON SALE. I snatched it up so FAST! Can't wait to use it on Thanksgiving to display a hot dip with a cut up baquette for dipping. YUM.

Pretty much love anything in the Pollie Bird collection

These are much more scrumptious in person(see why it's bad good to go to the store to see in person)

It's nice to something besides a wreath on the front door. Not sure I will spring for it, but I sure do LOVE it!

Leaning toward the round lamp. I hope Santa is reading this post...

Mercury "Glass" Candles-they are beautiful in person

Icy Trees-not new this year, but I still covet them. Maybe I will get lucky this year and get them on sale.

Here are a couple pillow inspirations I saw for interpreting myself:

Burlap & Stencil???? It wouldn't be this elaborate...

"Life is but a dream"
Colors are all wrong for my bedroom, so I would just tweak the colors and I know a fantastic embroider (Kelly @ Tidbits) that I could hire :),  but I just love the saying. I really feel like I am living a wonderful dream and this would remind me how blessed I am each and every day!

So, do you love PB as much as me? What have they inspired you to make? Where else do you get inspiration from?

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