Wednesday, June 13, 2012

almost over-ripe bananas

We buy bananas every week. I always get some that are just ripe and some that need to ripen for later in the week and it why does it seem like the ones that need to ripen do it overnight no matter how green they are when I bring them home so they are never worthy of eating plain by the end of the week. Reed loves bananas, but they better be just ripe or it’s a struggle to get him to eat them (which when you’ve had a perfectly ripe banana, I do admit, it is hard to beat). He has very discerning taste, ha ha.

So, I have resorted to finding alternate ways to preserve an almost over ripe banana. I do alot of freezing. I can use them in smoothies , baked goods, and even in the fudgsicles I recently made.

I recently came across this fun “freezer pop” idea on Pinterest, of course. You cut up bananas, insert a lollipop or popsicle stick in, dip in melted chocolate and put on the sprinkles. What a fun and healthy treat!

Freezer Pops

Surprise your kids with these!

I can’t wait to bring a tray of these out for dessert tonight, Reed will be so excited!

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