Friday, June 22, 2012

a little online ordering to cure the boredom blues

It’s not like I have nothing better I could be doing…but the thing is, we had a little mis-hap yesterday with the baby. As in Mommy leaning over Reed’s head as he decided to jump into the air and smack into my tummy so hard it knocked the wind out of me. It was upsetting for all involved and I ended up needing to go get checked out since I started having contractions that thankfully were only braxton hicks due to the blow to the stomach. Baby is just fine and kicking as usual. I am only 25 weeks so this could of been really bad had I been in actual labor. Doctor’s orders to pretty much do nothing and rest until they settle down. So, last night I was in “bed” by 7pm relaxing and catching up on blogs(which was such a treat to have some time to myself). Only so much of that you can do so come today I was at a loss on what to do. I already poured through my Martha Stewart Sewing & Craft books for project inspiration and dog-eared the pages of stuff I want to do. After that, not much was on tv and saved in the dvr…so what’s a girl to do??? That's right, online ordering! LOL!

I am in a crafty, dying to create/design something mood so I think that’s what inspired my book orders from B&N. It was times like this that I wish I had a Nook so I could of had instant gratification, but truth be told, I still enjoy my print version of books & magazines the best!!! I know…not very green, but I like what I like. Can I get credit for at least trying the digital versions?

Here’s what should be arriving next week:

It’s never too early to start planning my dream kitchen for our next home
Book 1

I love re-inventing furniture, accessories, etc so always looking for new inspiration

I am really focusing on organizing & storage, but it needs to be pretty.
Book 1

Don’t get me wrong, I will do anything to make sure they baby stays safe, but doesn’t it figure that I had big plans of projects this weekend and we were supposed to have the neighborhood dinner at the pool tonight. Isn’t that always the case???

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I made some D-lish vegetarian meals this week that I will share with you next week!!!

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