Thursday, June 21, 2012

favorite way to begin my day

I am definitely not a morning person! I could lounge in bed for hours…so thankfully I have a toddler to entice me out of bed so I am not a “lazy bum”. HA! I am fortunate that Reed will play in his room until I come get him. These days I am waking up around 7:30/8am so not too bad from where we have come when he was a baby waking up at 5:30!!!! Ideally, I need some time to get going so I love days where we don’t have any place we need to go and we can be a little more leisurely.
After I get Reed settled with milk and a show while his breakfast is cooking, I love to curl up on the bench at the kitchen table with a BIG cup of coffee or two (half decaf while pregnant) and my morning “paper” aka laptop with Pinterest & Google Reader with the sun streaming in (I love when kitchens get the morning sun). Catching up on inspiration out there keeps me from being lazy gives me some gusto to get going for the day!

Blog pics-mornings 004

These days, I get to do this at least a few days a week. :) I cherish them as I know in a few months when the new Greenway joins us, my schedule and free time will be all different at least for awhile…
Currently, the accompaniments to this are this “robe” (sorry for this pic-I couldn’t find it on Anthro’s website). During the summer, I am a cami & shorts kinda pajama girl so this gives me just the right amount of “warmth” in the morning. See, I was meant for the south-what kind of person needs a robe when it’s 90’s and humid out? LOL!

blog 003

and this mug from Pottery Barn
PB Mugs

Ahhhh, now don't be too envious...I am off to "cleaning day". Thursdays have been dedicated to cleaning day. More on the new weekly schedule I have put together in another post! It's really keeping my head on straight these days...

How do you start your day?

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