Monday, October 22, 2012

Upgrade Ikea Drapes, part 2

Luc 050
Hello-hope you had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful here…what a shame I only got out once to get the mail on Saturday to enjoy it. :(

I wanted to share with you how I finished off the Ikea tab-top drapes for Luc’s room. Remember how I started with plain, ‘ole white tab-top drapes and made them into pleated? I showed you that {here}. That made a huge difference. But I still wanted to add some decorative detail to them.

When I was originally planning the nursery, I had hoped to do the same buffalo check I used on the crib skirt to do a leading edge on the bias on the curtains. Did not have enough yardage left so I finally just settled on attaching ribbon in stripes. (I thought pom pom fringe in orange would of been really cute…but worried if it could be safety hazard once he started crawling, could he pull it off and swallow????)

I ran around to every craft/sewing store to see what ribbon selection there was and settled on orange, gray and the same brown used on the crib skirt.

Tab Top BeforeDrapes After
  yes, these should of been hung a bit higher…this is what marking the holes at night before bed a week before he was born when i am beyond exhausted will do for you.

I used good ‘ole fabric tac and a tape measure. These are not long-term drapes so I wanted to use the quickest application as possible.
See the orange turned wood etegere peeking in the picture? This was a total repurpose & restyle of an old, not so attractive piece of furniture. It might be my favorite thing in the room…Details on that and the rest of the nursery tour soon to come. It’s crazy how fast the days go with a newborn…ha ha

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