Thursday, July 19, 2012

Organizing recipes

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So it turns out being without cable & internet isn’t as painful as I imagined! In some ways, it was kind of refreshing…just for a little while anyway, ha ha.
It’s been a week since we haven’t had either and we just finally got it back today! I have been using 3G for the bare necessities of communicating.
At first when I knew it would be so long, I started to freak out a little with my reduced activity (since we had another recent trip to doctor last Wed with a labor scare-all is still good though)…what will I possibly do on my “downtime” for a WHOLE week without the internet? Only read???? It actually was a blessing in disguise because I was able to actually get several little projects done that I’ve been wanting to do…but kept procrastinating on and I was able to sit doing.
I have desperately needed to organize my recipes from before we even moved! I had started the project of sorting into categories back in January but didn’t finish during a naptime…so in a box they went for another day(the movers even teased me about it when they packed them up)…and here we are in July without them being organized. It made meal planning with tried and true recipes a dread to dig through that box!!!
I found some beautiful “periodical” boxes from Restoration Hardware and ordered them with the recent “Friends & Family” discount. I decided to use one of them in the kitchen in our “new” bookcase cabinet that Jeff painted to store all the tear sheet recipes (just waiting for him to install the new knobs I bought so I can post about it). I picked up some new file folders at Target last Sunday and got it all sorted and organized last weekend. I love it how it turned out! I told Jeff not to mess it up again, it was much too painful to sort all those, ha ha!!!
After I sorted the recipes into specific categories, 23 to be exact, I just typed up a label for the box” in my favorite Edwardian Script and printed it out.
Here are just a few of the categories I made. I separated several categories such as breakfast & dessert into smaller subcategories so it would be easier to find what I am looking for.
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Here they all fit nicely with a little room to spare to add to the collection 
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Ahhhhh, it feels so nice to have this finally done. Such a little thing, but makes things so much easier to cook for my family and it’s pretty to see too!!!
What nagging project have you finished lately? Isn’t it great to get it off that To-Do list?

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  1. This is a project I really need to tackle. I have so many recipes that I've printed out all stuffed in a folder. Thanks for the inspiration Heather.

  2. OK. . this type of thing makes me giddy. First of all I LOVE the cute file box. I am inspired to get this done for an area that I am totally lagging in. Everyday receipts are fine for me, but I need this for bill statements. Thanks for linking up!

  3. This is adorable! I also would like to know what your 23 categories for organizing your recipes are. That would help me tremendously organize my recipes.

  4. Those are beautiful boxes! I have mine organized into 2 three-ring binders, & this system works for me. The real problem is that I just can't stop clipping them from mags or finding them online. I have so many recipes now that I could make something new every single day for the rest of our! Thank goodness for Pinterest. Now I don't have to have a printed copy of every single recipe.

  5. Aw- this is so pretty and functional! I love it! Thanks so much for linking up!