Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is there an elephant in the room?

So, I can finally share with you that we are having a baby boy!!! We are so thrilled. I think Reed will enjoy having a brother, too. :)
With all the “down time” last weekend, I had some time to pin like crazy some ideas for the nursery. I don’t know why…but elephants are kinda what I am addicted to right now. And, from all that I have found in stores and on etsy, clearly I am not the only one that is addicted.
Here are some ideas I am considering…
 eleph 1
eleph 2
 These are little elephant sheets from PB Kids (actually, they just arrived today, so one thing confirmed).eleph 3
 eleph 4
eleph 5 
eleph 6
 eleph 7
 eleph 8
now, to narrow it down. I just want a little bit here and there. Overall, I am just going for a classic nursery with a little whimsy.

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