Friday, July 20, 2012

Personalized notecards

It’s important to teach Reed manners and for him to learn gratitude for gifts given to him. If he is not able to thank the giver in person or on the phone, then I insist that a thank you note be sent to show the giver that their generosity is appreciated and let the sender know it was received. Obviously before he was old enough to scribble, I took care of this. I have had Reed doing this for about a year now and also on any cards for birthdays, etc that are from him!!! I think the receiver appreciates the personalization he puts on them instead of just a card I “signed” for him.
One of my “sit down” projects last week was making some personalized note cards for Reed with a custom stamp set I talked about here. I made a bunch in one sitting so they are at the ready for future use. I even made a few for myself!
I have had these notecards for a couple years that I bought at a store closing with the intention of being able to personalize them.

I chose to do Reed’s initials on these.
Blog pics 7-18-12 002
This is the inside with his masterpiece. He really got into it this year choosing the colors from his new fancy-schmancy 3-tier marker set and what he drew himself. He even picked who would get which one as he made them all different in colors & style. This one is for his Grandma Jan (Jeff’s Mom). It’s ironic that he chose these colors for her because she loves purple and green! I then wrote some quick kind words about the gifts she gave.
Blog pics 7-18-12 009 
Here are a couple I made for myself. I can’t do all 3 of my initials…they spell H-A-G! Lovely!!! This stamp set doesn’t have similiar enough letter sizes to do a monogram that looked right. I made need to look into getting more letters to do those, too. I do love me a monogram!!!
Blog pics 7-18-12 005

What do you think? Do you have your kid’s personalize their thank you notes?

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