Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ironing embroidered monograms

how to iron embroidery

Do you love monograms, too?

It must be the southern girl at heart in me, but I just love embroidered monograms. I recently had some linen guest towels embroidered with our family’s initial for our powder room. Before I ironed them to display them, I wanted to make sure I was ironing them properly and not ruin the embroidery by flattening it.
I thought I would share the proper way I found to do this.

Supplies needed:
iron, sizing or starch, towel & embroidered item
{use a towel and put your embroidered item face down and iron it from the backside first using sizing for crisp, wrinkle free linens}
iron face down
{after you iron the back, you can iron the front with more sizing, just avoid the embroidery itself}
freshly ironed
{finished & hung}



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