Friday, August 24, 2012

New Lamps = My Sanity

TGIF! It has been the longest, yet fastest week, is that possible??? Been busy unpacking and doing laundry from our trip. Everything takes me way longer to get done these days…not to mention the middle of the night insomnia that has been plaguing me this week so I have been spending most of my “free time” {aka when Reed is sleeping} trying to catch up on some sleep, myself. This is not helping the nursery project whatsoever! We are down to 5 weeks and have pretty much gotten nothing done. I am tempted at this point to just buy everything retail…I am just asking to “go early” not having anything done aren’t I? This weekend we need to buckle down.

Anyway, enough of my pregnancy pity party…I wanted to share with you some new lamps I got when we moved into this home.
Blog Pics-Master 006
I have been really liking the wall-mounted lamps for quite some time, but in our previous home, it was just one of those things to put on the someday list. When we moved into this home, we have very limited wall space which causes 2 different height night tables since we don’t have enough wall space for our furniture. My side is the traditional height and Jeff’s uses his bachelor’s chest dresser. The lamps being drastic heights made me insane every time I walked into the room, so I knew it was time to get the wall-mount lamps, it was for my sanity, afterall, LOL!
Blog Pics-Master 018 You can see here the height difference of the tables. This way, now at least the lamps are the same height and we love that they can swing to just the right spot for reading.
the box for these lamps was soooooo big, Reed got a good ‘ole fashioned fort out of it that we decorated with markers (this was just the first day…the art on the fort has covered the whole box)!
Blog Pics 001 
 Blog Pics 002
See, everyone benefited from these new lamps!

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