Monday, August 6, 2012

Finding a chair and nursery progress

How was your weekend? 
We ventured to Ikea Saturday morning which was not as successful of a trip as I had hoped. The fabric I talked about {here} has been discontinued but then I saw another smaller check in the new catalog. It was sold out and they don’t do fabric online sales, plus I would like to see it before I would buy cut yardage. Grrrr. I did find a buffalo check twin duvet cover there that I was told is the same fabric I originally went there for so I picked at least that up because I am not opposed to taking that apart to sew a crib skirt. The bright side is it was even less expensive for more yardage than if I had bought it by the yard. Just not 100% sure it’s right, so I am still looking and getting a a wee bit frazzled that time is ticking (8 weeks left) away. The other main reason we went there was to get Reed a new chair for his room since we will be moving the glider into the nursery very soon.
Here’s the Ektorp Jennylund chair I was hoping to get, but it’s quite a bit smaller than our current one and Jeff was like “no way him & Reed could both fit in there to read stories comfortably” and that was the whole point of us getting another chair. The other ones that were bigger were too big or in my opinion, just ugly. So, we struck out on the chair.
I have had my mind set on a slipcover because I really think they are the best! I like the casual, “cottage-y” look of them and they are so practical with the ease of washability. We have them on the family room sofa, chair and ottoman and I can’t tell you how many times just recently that the furniture was saved because I could toss them in the wash with my fabulous non-toxic Shaklee laundry detergent and Nature Bright laundry booster/stain remover. It even got out a red jelly bean stain!
Frustrated,  I sat down Saturday evening after Reed went to bed and scoured every source online I could think of to find another chair with a slipcover that would be about the same size as the one we had, but to stay within the target amount I had in mind. I don’t want to spend a small fortune on a chair for a kids room. Well, nothing fit the original parameters…Since I do try to live a more "green" lifestyle I absolutely did consider scouring all the antique/thrift stores near here and Craigslist to find a chair that fit the dimensions and then just get a slipcover made…but that can be a long process because it’s such a hit or miss and I do not have the energy or the time to use that as a valid option right now. So back to the drawing board.
Yesterday after cleaning out the room that will be the nursery, I sat down at the computer with a clear head to just look at everything since it was apparent I wasn’t going to get what I originally planned. I think I found a cute chair from Target that was just about the same dimensions and a great price! I think this will grow with him and isn’t too juvenile. I might just even be more excited about it than the slipcovered one…
Of course I had to order it online so you never know what it will be like in person, it has to look good and be fairly comfortable to snuggle up in. It’s faux leather (because no three year old should be trusted with a leather chair), so I hope it isn’t too cheap looking. I feel like faux leather has come a long way so I am keeping my fingers crossed! :)
I think it paired with the pouf I showed you {here} will be a nice textural compliment.

On a bright note (pun wasn’t intended ha ha), Ikea did surprise me with an orange throw for the nursery to cuddle up with on those middle of the night feedings. ritva-throw__0131583_PE277168_S4 
And, I picked up this rug last week for the nursery
Jeff and I spent about an hour and a half yesterday during Reed's nap going through all the extraneous stuff dumped into the nursery when the movers were here. Everything that is in there now, should be. We just need to get started on the projects for the room. We are using extra furniture we had that we weren’t otherwise needing and just re-imagining it for better use in the nursery. I am pretty excited about repurposing. I gave a makeover to Reed’s dresser {here}. It was Jeff’s childhood dresser, and so not pretty, but it was a study piece with dovetail drawers…it’s amazing what just paint & new handles can do (and down the roade the color can be changed with paint). Jeff’s Mom couldn’t believe that was the same dresser. I find that if I challenge myself to be creative and see how much I can re-imagine, I am so much happier with the results! I can’t wait to show you everything we have planned!

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