Friday, August 31, 2012

Roasted Veggies

Do you ever roast vegetables? 
It brings out so much flavor and almost any vegetable can be roasted. Jeff is not a HUGE fan of cooked veggies unless they are steamed very crisp but something about a roasted veggie, the texture doesn't bother him. 
Reed’s absolute favorite vegetable is sweet potatoes! They are always the first thing he eats first on the plate. I get very excited when he LOVES healthy foods so much! He even requested them for his birthday dinner! When he was a baby, I roasted them plain and then pureed them and he has loved them ever since he started baby food. As he got a little older, I made them a little more sophisticated by roasting them with olive oil and seasoning. Although sweet potatoes are traditionally thought of as a fall/winter vegetable, I make these year round since they are readily available and Reed & Jeff gobble them up!

Jeff ran to the grocery store on Sunday morning to pick up a few things for me and discovered Japanese Sweet Potatoes. Have you ever heard of these? I had never heard or seen them before. Their skin is a dark red and the flesh is white! He was at Whole Foods where they have an “Ande’s”  rating on produce and the Japanese versions were even higher in nutrition than our regular American sweet potato so he got one in addition to the regular sweet potato for Reed to try. On a side note, it was really cute how excited he was when he got home talking about that rating scale and how into healthy foods he has become. He told me how much he loves that store (we didn’t have one closer than 45 min when we lived in IL so it was a thrill to find one just down the road from us now that we do our weekly shopping at). When the whole family is on board with eating well, it just make it more enjoyable, doesn’t it?

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

(this method works well with most other vegetable too-just have to vary cooking time depending on the hardness of the vegetable)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes 1
peel, cut and chop into 1 inch pieces
drizzle with olive oil and your favorite seasoning and toss to coat
(yes, there is my favorite scampi blend I ALWAYS use)
Roast at 375 for 25-35 min until starting to brown and are tender
Roasted Sweet Potatoes 2

Well, the Japanese Sweet Potatoes were a hit and frankly I think I like them better than the American version. 

If you see these in the grocery store, I hope you will give them a try!

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