Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Investing in quality is green living

I have been relishing in the fact that the outdoor flameless candles I thought  were a bit of a splurge from Restoration Hardware last holiday season have turned out to be a great investment since they are still going strong on the same batteries.
I put these out last November and loved the welcoming glow at night of the lanterns on the porch so much, I removed the ornaments and kept just the flameless candles in after the holiday season.
Exterior Lanterns
They have been on a timer the whole time so they come on and go off every night. Here we are at the end of August and they are STILL going strong…
Exterior Flameless 
It goes without saying that reusing or repurposing goods is a nod for sustainable living, but have you ever thought about when you do purchase an item, investing in quality is living green as well? If you buy cheap products that will not last you will end up creating more garbage from replacing and it will cost you more money in the long run than if you just spent a little more up front?

I love my flameless candles from QVC, but they do cost me a fortune in batteries…They last a month or two at the most for the same “run time” as these from Restoration Hardware. So guess where I will be purchasing my future flameless from???

Investing in quality is living green and saves you some “green” too!!! :)

And come to think of it…whenever I have spent the extra and gotten what I really want, rarely do I regret the purchase and am pleased for many, many years so I have no desire to replace it.

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