Friday, August 17, 2012

His very own backpack

I was browsing the latest issue of PB Kids a couple weeks ago and they had all the back to school supplies featured. When I saw they had a "preschool” size backpack, I thought what a great idea to get one for Reed to carry his toys on for our upcoming air travel for Jeff’s Grandpa’s 90th birthday party, not to mention he could use it when he goes to Preschool.
The next morning while we ate breakfast, I tried to explain what a backpack was and his first question was, “can I put toys in it?”. Yes, this is going to work out good. I told him he could put all the toys that he could carry in there for the trip. I pulled up the website and showed him his different style choices. The shark was the 3rd choice and as soon as he saw it, he said he wanted it, but I made him look at the other few just to be sure…he was. We had it embroidered with his name and I can’t tell you how excited & proud this kid is about it! He looks so “grown up” wearing it when he was modeling it for his dad. It brought a tear to my eyes how fast he has grown and made me realize what a hot mess I am going to be when he goes to school. When we run errands, he even likes to toss a few things in it to bring in the car.  This is working out better than I imagined. Usually the toys end up in my handbag…

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