Friday, January 11, 2013

greenhouse design studio

Have you heard of this online store?

I love discovering a new store that is dedicated to providing green & sustainable products. And, it’s such a beautiful online store! Have you ever been in a store and wanted pretty much everything because it’s so beautifully displayed? That’s how this store is, even though it’s not brick & mortar. Each product is styled so beautifully in the pictures. I came across it in the February issue of Country Living. It was started by a previous exec for Pottery Barn who wanted to spend more time with her family and provide eco–conscious products.  Love that!

And, besides finding treasures for yourself or a gift, a portion of each sale is donated to environmental causes. 

Here are some items that caught my eye.

GHDS Collage
GHDS Collage 2

I restrained myself and picked out these two things that are more practical right now.

linen bread bag
{excited to store my homemade bread in this instead of plastic wrap and it’s supposed to keep bread fresher, longer}
GHDS bread bag

Beeswax candle
{Besides being all natural and non-toxic to the air you breathe, did you know that when lit, it removes odors from your home?}
GHDS candle

My shipment has been sent…I can’t wait to receive it!

Have you come across any new products/stores that are eco-conscious? Please share, I’d love to hear!

***I have in no way been compensated for this post, I just love sharing my discovery of green products. :)

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