Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Crafting

Hello all-how was your weekend? We had a great one! We hosted a Christmas for Jeff’s family. It was great to have all the cousins together. They burned energy in the bounce house, decorated cookies and of course played with the new presents we exchanged. It was a great day. We had just a little dusting of snow so it made the day feel so magical.
Do you think I took a picture of the tablesetting? Of course not! I was able to capture a couple pictures of some things I did do for the table.

Casual Holiday Table Crafts
GreenWay Christmas 171 GreenWay Christmas 170
I put a piece of scrapbook paper at each kid’s placesetting for them to decorate the placemat with Christmas stickers. What young kid doesn’t like stickers? The one above is Reed’s. In some of that trusty ‘ole scrapbook paper pad that I have been using for everything this year, they had “gift tags” that I used as napkin holder/placecard with the letter stickers that were in that pad as well.  I was going for a very casual, homey feel for our table.

Glitter Snowflakes
GreenWay Christmas 154
GreenWay Christmas 162
I pinned this project on my Holiday Board on Pinterest. It’s not your grade school pasta craft!
I wish it showed more glittery in the pictures, but they are in person. You can follow the ‘how to’ from the pin. I need to make a few more. I lost 2 in hanging when they dropped on the table and I think 4 more would round out the “branch tree” better.

Letter Garland
Christmas Tree 2 077
Christmas Tree 2 039
Remember that glittery eyelash yarn (Martha Stewart’s) that I created my tree garland with? Well, I told you I used it other places…I decided to use the individual strands for letter garland on the dining room mirror. I just love how feathery and sparkly it is!!!
Christmas Tree 2 034Christmas Tree 2 038
I used two different papers since you would see the back of the letters in the reflection. Double-side paper would save the step of cutting out twice and gluing. :)

So, those are the crafts I have been working on.

Do you do crafts this time of year? What are you working on?

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