Monday, June 20, 2011

Basic H

One of Shaklee’s amazing products is Basic H concentrate. It can be used for almost every cleaning task in your home. The best part is it’s non-toxic, as are all of Shaklee’s Get Clean Household products, gives you fantastic results and saves you a ton of money all at the same time!
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I use this concentrate for a multitude of cleaning tasks and this product never ceases to amaze me. I know it sounds silly to be so excited about cleaning products, but once you start using Shaklee, you will understand what I am talking about. Not only am I amazed at the results that I get, but what it actually costs me to use these wonderful products is such a no-brainer. It costs me mere pennies. Sure, you have the initial upfront cost, but you need so little, that it lasts and lasts and lasts. You can see in the picture above that the bottle isn’t full(don’t worry, yours will be when you get it); that’s all that has been used since I received it for the 1st time almost 3 months ago. You may think, well you must not clean very much…NOT TRUE! Smile Actually, since I have been using Shaklee, I am cleaning more-because it’s just so easy to get great results and I feel like my house just feels cleaner which thrills me! Less effort and a cleaner home. Who doesn’t want that?  I had been using other non-toxic brands for years, but they were frankly just “okay” and I felt like I had to put in much more effort to get less than great results. I seriously was a convert the first time I used Shaklee.

I thought I would start the week off with one of my nemesis to clean, at least it used to be, Stainless Steel appliances. Now, I would never imagine not having stainless appliances since I have been using Basic H’s all purpose cleaner that makes them beautiful in a quick swipe or two. To make the all purpose cleaner from the Basic H concentrate, you just mix 1/4 tsp with 16 oz of water. That’s all you need and that’s why it lasts so long and why it is seriously, less than 3 cents {this is a correction from the original post that stated 22 cents, I mis-calculated the cost, it's 22 cents a GALLON} when you make each spray bottle. And to be honest, I would pay a lot more if I had to to get the great results on SS appliances. I always found other cleaners so greasy and streaky. Besides cleaning SS appliances, the all purpose cleaner can be used on pretty much anything besides glass and mirrors(that has a special mix that I will discuss on another post this week).
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Here are the “great” before pictures from a rough week…but it makes the after just that much more amazing!
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I think they look GREAT! I hope you agree.
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